Belle & Sass

Our Studio

we do not take

a photograph.

we make it.

Natascha Unkart © belle&sass

Natascha Unkart has a background in art history, having earned her master's degree at Utrecht University in The Netherlands. While still weighing her academic ambitions, she moved to Los Angeles and obtained a degree in photography from Santa Monica College. There was no turning back from then on. Now she works as part of the photography duo belle & sass in Vienna, Austria.

Isa Köhler © belle & sass

Isa Köhler is a Jill-of-all-trades with a background as diverse as ranging from a degree in textile art as well as bio technology. Once she started working in photography professionally in 2013, she left analyzing forensic samples in one of Europe's most respected labs without hesitation and completes the photography duo belle & sass in Vienna, Austria.


Photography is, first of all,
a way of seeing.
It is not seeing itself.
— Susan Sontag

Isa and Natascha are nicknamed belle & sass referring to their middle names Isabelle and Saskia, which conveniently also express a certain attitude to life they both share: a search for beauty with a good portion of sassiness. When approaching a new adventure, these are precisely their tools. Because photography is a way of seeing. And this is their lens.